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Expat Getaways' guide to ethical travel and social enterprise around the world.

Ethical Travel Around the World

We all love to travel right? But I often worry about the cost. Not the financial expense, but to the culture, community and environment that I’m visiting. Even more so when travelling in developing countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and India where there is a begging culture. You want to help, but how do you make a worthwhile contribution with limited time, without…

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5 Reasons to Visit Battambang, Cambodia

Guest Post: Caroline Hosey, Grits and Rice   Why should you visit Battambang, Cambodia? At first glance, this city may not seem as impressive as Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Once you get off the tourist trail you gain a more authentic glimpse into local culture and get rid of inconvenient crowds and tourist traps.   The city is an art…

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7 ways to be a seasoned pro at the airport

GUEST POST – Andrew Mizzi: No-one needs travel stress at the beginning (or end) of a quick getaway, and as an International Airline Pilot, I spend a fair amount of time in terminals.  Here are seven of my best travel tips for beating stress and handling the airport like a pro. Comment at the bottom of the page if you’ve got…

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