5 Reasons to Visit Battambang, Cambodia

Guest Post: Caroline Hosey, Grits and Rice Why should you visit Battambang, Cambodia? At first glance, this city may not seem as impressive as Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Once you get off the tourist trail you gain ...
48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

I love Vietnam. Hanoi has everything that Vietnam is about- culture, history and of course excellent Vietnamese food. The chaos can be all consuming, but once you embrace the crazy you will find yourself humming along with the frantic pace ...
Explore Hong Kong with Expat Geatways.

Explore Hong Kong’s Western District

You can tick off many of Hong Kong’s sights on a quick 48 Hour Layover. When you have longer really get to know a city. Welcome to the first of Expat Getaways’ neighbourhood guides. I love Western District ...
Should you balloon over Bagan? Is it worth the money? I say yes! A fabulous experience for every traveller to Burma. Put this on the bucket list for your travel to Myanmar.

Should you take a Hot Air Balloon ride over Bagan?

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures. A glorious sunrise over the plains of Bagan with balloons dotted over the horizon. You want to be the person in the balloon! And then you look up the price… shock and horror flood ...

Hi, I’m Jess and I am a tour guide living and working in Hong Kong. Travelling the world whenever I can...

Expat Getaways is a travel blog full of itineraries for trips that we have taken from our base here in Hong Kong and travel hacks to make your trip easier.

This blog has been written with busy expats in mind. So many of my friends work the Monday to Friday grind and want to make the most of all the of long weekends on offer in Asia, but struggle to find the time to plan trips away. At Expat Getaways I’ve done that for you.

It’s a trip that I’ve tried and tested, plus what I would do differently if I had the chance again.

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