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Expat Getaways, First Time Hong Kong Survival Guide - weather and seasons.

First Time Hong Kong Survival Guide – Weather and Seasons

The weather can make or break your holiday. Hong Kong can be enjoyed all year round, but some times of year are certainly better than others. Hong Kong has a tropical, hot humid summer, a short, cool, damp winter with ...
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Expat Getaways, First Time Hong Kong Survival Guide - Public Transport.

First Time Hong Kong Survival Guide – Transport

Once you have mastered public transport in Hong Kong you can explore with ease. It is a frantic city but once you get the hang of the incredible transport system you’ll be exploring like a pro. Airport Arriving at Hong ...
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Explore Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma) with Expat Getaways.

Exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

Inle Lake was the highlight of our One Week in Myanmar. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I’d seen amazing photos and that was enough to convince me I needed to go. Arriving in the Shan Shan State is ...
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Expat Getaways guide to Hong Kong temples. 5 of the must visit temples along with some off the beaten path alternatives.

5 Must see Hong Kong temples and the not so famous alternatives

You should definitely schedule a visit to at least one temple, monastery or shrine during your visit to Hong Kong. You won’t have to try hard! Often it seems there is a temple on every corner and some you will ...
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Review: Pangkor Laut Resort – Malaysia

Wow…. Just WOW. That is the word that best sums up our stay at Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia. With our first anniversary coming up I was on the lookout for something special. This place certainly delivered on all counts. Just ...
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Expat Getaways' guide to ethical travel and social enterprise around the world.

Ethical Travel Around the World

We all love to travel right? But I often worry about the cost. Not the financial expense, but to the culture, community and environment that I’m visiting. Even more so when travelling in developing countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and India where ...
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