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Explore Hong Kong with Expat Geatways.

Explore Hong Kong’s Western District

You can tick off many of Hong Kong’s sights on a quick 48 Hour Layover. When you have longer really get to know a city.   Welcome to the first of Expat Getaways’ neighbourhood guides. I love Western District. For me it shows you the real Hong Kong. East meets west. Old and new. Rich and poor.   Most people will…

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Eco Tourism is a great cause especially when it empowers the local community.

Sustainable Travel in Chi Phat, Cambodia

Have you heard of Chi Phat? Probably not! Most people go to Cambodia for the temples of Angkor Wat. Maybe they detour to Phnom Penh and learn the devastating history of this tiny country. Possibly they squeeze in a few days on the beach in Sihanoukville or Kep.   We did something a bit different. We headed to Chi Phat…

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Dragon Legend Cruise review Halong Bay

Review: Dragon Legend Cruise Halong Bay

The Halong Bay Alernative – Bai Tu Long Bay   Halong Bay often tops traveller’s bucket lists. The downside… 1000s of tourists visiting the same packed caves and lookouts. Thankfully there is an alternative! The less visited and just as beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay.   The Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Area includes over 1600 islands. It’s BIG. Unfortunately,…

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